Richard Ruane

Graduate Coursework & Advanced Training

Western Governors University


During 2010-2012, I was able to combine my previous work and school experience and complete a Master of Education in Learning and Technology at Western Governors University. My technology development portfolio for that program is below.

Various Universities


Building on my M.A. in communication from The University of North Texas, I took additional coursework in educational technology, interaction design, and Web production, including graduate coursework The University of Maryland University College, Indiana University at Bloomington, and The University of Baltimore. I'm including sample projects below.

Analysis Projects

Design Documents

Development & Production Projects

  • Overcoming Noise: Introduction, Module 1, Module 2, and Module 3 (all links open in a new window)
    • This simple HTML-based course for nurses preparing to assist in disaster response covers disaster communication skills and was developed for OMDE 623 Web-Based Teaching & Learning UMUC. Pages developed for integration into the WebTycho LMS.
  • Getting Ready for Your Workout (opens in a new window) developed with Erika Devones and Cynthia Svilar
    • These Web-based training materials were developed with Erika Devones and Cynthia Svilar as part of a R521 Instructional Design & Development at IU.
  • SQ3R Study Skills Training module (opens in a new window)
    • Developed as part of a R541 Instructional Development & Production at IU.
  • Sample Quiz Engine (opens in a new window)
    • The quiz engine, which currently only works in Firefox and IE, was developed as part of the requirements for IDIA 616 Hypermedia Production at UB.
  • Re-Build Concepts (opens in a new window)
    • This learning object development tool was based on ConceptTutor Plus and developed as part of IDIA 616 Hypermedia Production at UB.
  • IDIA 618 Dynamic Websites, Dr. Kathleen Austin
  • IDIA 619 Interactive Multimedia, Mr. Damian Hart