Unit 2: Goals, Tasks, Resources

When you first sign in to an online course, you will see a number of items on your left-hand menu for that unit, all filled with content. Some weeks, it may feel overwhelming. However, every class — and almost every unit in that class — can be broken down into three parts:

Get the Big Picture: Looking at Your Class Syllabus

One of the first things you want to do in any course is to get the Big Picture. The Big Picture consists of knowing:

You can find most of this information in three sections of your class syllabus:

Once you have a good idea of what’s involved in the overall course, you can get an idea of what’s coming and begin to look at each of the individual units.


Goals, Tasks, and Resources are easy to remember: just think of “Go To Reno!” (or “Go To Richmond!” or even “Go To Rome!”) or some other three-word phrase that begins with G, T, and R. Feel free to come up with one of your own!

Working Week by Week: Breaking Down Your Units

Of course, you don’t accomplish the course goals and complete the course tasks all at once. You do so by working through the learning process each week in a cluster of material called a Unit.

Each Unit has its own Goals, Tasks, and Resources that help you work toward the overall Goals and complete the major Tasks for the course.

Take a Look!

Want to see an example of breaking the unit into Goals, Tasks, and Resources?