Unit 2: Beginning Your Digital Notebook

The Digital Notebook is a sample format for a notebook that will help you keep track of your work throughout an entire unit.

You can download your Digital Notebook template. Remember that this is only a sample: feel free to keep these types of notes in a different Word document, on your own paper, or even in an online journal (check out the Webliography for a link on keeping journals online). Whatever you choose to do, feel free to use or modify the material in this sample as best fits you!

To use the sample we provide here, do the following:

  1. Click on the link above to download and open a copy of the Digital Notebook. You must have Microsoft Word installed on your computer to use the Digital Notebook.
  2. Once you have downloaded and opened the Digital Notebook, click on the File menu and then click Save As...
  3. Give the notebook a name that includes both the course name and your unit number. For instance, "Account 1 Unit 1."

The first part of the Digital Notebook, "Phase I," includes all the information you would look at when planning out your work in a unit.

To get started, begin planning your work on units 3 and 4.