Getting Ready for Your Workout

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If you live in one of the Cheetah Gym neighborhoods, with their classic Chicago townhomes, garden apartments, and vintage highrises, you probably have had to struggle at least once with a building's older doors and windows. As you know, when they aren’t properly lubricated, they tend to squeak under pressure.

Your body is the same way: before you make it work under pressure with serious exercise, you need to make sure it’s ready. The flexibility warm-up is like adding oil to a door hinge – it makes it easier to move and prevents wear and tear.

This five-exercise warm-up routine will help warm-up your body and get you ready for the other routines in our "Getting Started" series for new gym members. Whether you are doing this routine on your own or as part of one of our "Getting Started" classes, these five exercises are a safe and effective way for beginners to get started on their own workouts.

The five exercises are a head-to-toe warm-up and are a good place to start each of your workouts. It starts with some simple exercises you may already be familiar with and finishes with some simple but effective full-body exercises that will help you get ready for your workout.

Throughout this routine, remember to take it easy! This is supposed to be a warm-up, not the main exercise routine. The goal is to improve your workout by getting ready for it. To keep your warm-up safe and effective, remember these two rules:

  • Warm-up Rule 1: No pain! If you feel pain, reduce the pressure and range of motion.
  • Warm-up Rule 2: No fatigue! If you feel short of breath, slow down.

If reducing speed or pressue don't help, stop! You won't get stronger, fitter, or faster if you injure yourself. And don't worry — we'll remind you of those rules often!

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