Arm Circles

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We call this exercise "arm circles" but the real target of the exercise is your shoulders — another complex network of muscles that help stabilize and synchronize your head and upper body throughout your workout. This exercise helps warm-up a small but important set of muscles that help your shoulders rotate your arms and maintain an effective posture.
Stand with arms out to the side Start of exercise
Begin your arm circles by standing in the neutral position, with your shoulders squared and feet flat on the floor. Lift your arms out to your sids as shown so that they are parallel with the floor.
Rotate arms clockwise Rotate arms forward
Begin by slowly rotating your arms forward in small circles. As you rotate, you can widen the circles as much as is comfortable, keeping the circles no more than a foot diameter, but keep the motion at a steady pace. Keep your head up and your feet flat on the floor.
Rotate arms clockwise Rotate arms backward

Slow and reverse directions, rotating your arms backward.

Do at least 5 repititions in each direction.

While this exercise will be simple for most people, remember to not move your arms too fast. The point is just to limber them up.