Neck Stretch

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The first exercise we'll do is neck stretch. Your neck may not take up a lot of space, but it is a thick network of muscles that helps to stabilize your head and shoulders throughout the workout. The simple neck stretch is a good way to make sure this important group of muscles is ready to support you throughout the workout.

Begin the neck stretch by standing in the neutral position, shoulders squared, feet firmly planted on the floor.

Tilt neck as if trying to touch ear to shoulder.
Stretch neck by trying to touch ear to shoulder.
Tilt the head to one side as shown in the picture. Your neck should stop when you start to feel a stretch along the side. If you don't feel much of a stretch just from tilting the head, use your hand (as shown in the inset picture) to gently push your on your head, as if you were trying to touch your shoulder to your ear. Keep the pressure gentle and move the neck slowly.
Image of turning chin to shoulder. Chin to shoulder

Now turn your head so that your chin comes as close to your shoulder as it comfortably can.

After this, tilt your head in the opposite direction. Keeping the above in mind: don't bounce your neck and don't stretch too hard. Remember — no pain and no fatigue during a warm-up.

Hold each stretch to a count of 10.