Shoulder Roll

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Yes, we are spending a lot of time warming up your shoulders, but they're an important group of muscles! This next exercise focuses on the larger shoulder muscles, known as the deltoids. There are three clusters of deltoid muscles:

  • The front (or "anterior") deltoids help your shoulders push things up and away from your body.
  • The rear deltoids help your shoulders pull things in and toward your body
  • The middle deltoids are nestled between the front and rear help your shoulders lift items along the side of your body.

That's why your shoulders are important — no other cluster of muscles helps the body move things in so many directions.

The shoulder roll image The shoulder roll
To start the shoulder roll, stand in the neutral position (chin up, feet flat, shoulders squared) and shrug your shoulders up. Once they're up, move them in clockwise direction, so that they come first to the front then under and back up for 8-12 repititions. The reverse, moving them in a counterclockwise direction, back, under, and around to the front. Keep your arms at the side throughout.
As with the arm circles, most people will find this to be a relatively comfortable exercise. However, remember to perform the motions slowly.