Sumo Squat & Stretch

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Finally, we're going to work on your limbering up your lower-body. This exercise will work on all of your leg muscles as well as your posterior chain: the combination of back, glute, and hamstring muscles that are important to almost every movement we do — from walking to running to lifting boxes and shoveling snow.
Squat into positionSquat into position

Stand in the neutral position with your chin up, shoulders squared, and feet flat on the floor, about shoulder width apart.

Squat down as far as is comfortable and use your hands to grip your toes. 

Be sure not to overextend your knees — don't let them slip over your toes.

Stand into the stretch Stretch upward

Keeping your grip on your toes, raise your hips and stand up, feeling the stretch in your legs and lower back.

Hold the stretch for a count of 10. This is a great stretch to do at least once before and after your workout.

This exercise is a great lower-body warm-up, but don't overextend or overstretch. At the bottom of the squat, you should feel some tension (but no pain) in your legs and lower back. At the top of the stretch, you should feel the stretch throughout your lower body, but not any pain. If anything starts to hurt, reduce your range of motion. Also remember not to move too fast.

Don't worry if you can't squat low or stretch far at first — you'll get better as you get stronger and more limber.