Overview & Introduction

Welcome to "Overcoming Noise," a course for public health nurses and professionals in related positions who are interested in finding out more about how to communicate clearly and effectively in a disaster response situation.

Clear & Effective Communication

The diagram above represents a popular representation of the communication process:

As you might notice, though, one possible complication is noise, which can interfere with communication signals at many points in the communication process. For instance, problems with technology can cause issues with the communication channel; competing signals or a lack of silence may cause a problem with the communication signal.

In this course, we will examine three sources of noise that might prove especially challenging in responding to a disaster or emergency:

Disaster Response

Of course, in ensuring clear and effective communication in our own class, we want to be sure we are all using basic disaster response terminology in a reasonably consistent way. If you are new to the field of disaster response or need a refresher, take a look at this tutorial on disaster management concepts and terms from The University of Wisconsin.