Welcome to Shaping the New Century. For almost all of you, this course will be the part of your first term back in school to work toward completing your bachelor's degree.

Both Busy & Successful

Like most of our students, you probably have a fairly busy life, but have decided that getting your degree is a priority.

So what is the best way to succeed as an online student? While there are many components to success, one of the first is to develop a good strategy for learning new information.

In this short module (many people can read through the whole thing in around 30 minutes), you will have a chance to practice using the SQ3R learning strategy on the work you will be doing in unit 2 of this course.

What is the SQ3R study strategy? Listen to the audio below to find the answer and get started.

Reflect & Respond

As you heard in the audio, SQ3R is a study method you can use to effectively and efficiently work through each unit of your online courses. Think about how you currently tackle your online courses. If you were ready to get started on unit 2 right now, what would you do? You’ve got your list of readings, you’ve cracked your textbooks, and printed out all of the online articles. But where do you get started? 

Click through the sample answers below as you think about your response.

Begin at the beginning: From the top of the list to the bottom

Pick the reading that looks the most interesting first

Pick the reading that looks the least interesting first

Take another look at the course before you start