As we said in the introduction, the key to studying well is to consider and answer questions. The Survey step laid the groundwork for you to get organized and get ready for this next step: answering questions.

In some classes you took previously, the questions were relatively straightforward: “What is the square root of four?” or “How many yards make up a mile?” These questions almost always rely on your ability to find the answer (or a formula for finding the answer) and remember it when you need it.

As you begin your bachelor’s-completion studies, though, some of the questions you consider may have more than one potential answer and those answers may require working with more than one source of information.

“Question” is the second stage of the SQ3R study method, and the work you do in this stage will help you focus your studying on the questions you will need to answer to master what you are learning.

There are two sources you may use to identify questions: your tasks and your resources (each of which you identified in when you surveyed your online course).

Reflect & Respond

As you read above, the goal of the Question step is to think carefully about the questions you need to answer each week. Once you have determined what the questions should be, what do you do next? The sample answers below represent two extremes different students might take.

Neither is a perfect answer, though. Think about the strengths and weaknesses of each approach and then click the sample answers below.

Finally sit down and read everything all the way through from beginning to end

Based on headings and titles, select one reading (or section of a reading) you think will answer each question


Use your downloadable study guide or your own notes to identify the questions from unit 2. If you are using your own notes, be sure to leave room beneath each question to record answers!