Unit 2: Priorities, Deadlines & Schedules: The Study Plan

Now that you know what your Goals, Tasks, and Resources are, you can begin to plan out who you will tackle the course by building a Study Plan. The Study Plan will help you take the Tasks you identified and make some time each week to ensure you complete them. Every Study Plan has three elements:


The key to a successful Study Plan is having a clear sense of your priorities. In setting your priorities, focus on the Tasks using the following guidelines:


The next step is to know your deadlines.

For instance, you know that your unit includes a writing assignment, an Evaluation Task, that is due on Sunday night, the final day of that unit. Your unit also includes a quiz, which is only 2 percent of your grade, and several discussion questions, which are graded on participation. Since the quiz and discussion questions, both Feedback Tasks, help you review material that you will need to cover in your writing assignment, you know you need to complete these in time to being work on your writing assignment. Thus, you might want to be sure you begin working on the discussion questions by Wednesday and complete the quiz on Thursday. (Note: Several instructors may strongly suggest that you post your initial response to all discussion questions no later than Wednesday or Thursday, which leaves plenty of time for you and your classmates to read and respond to each other.)


Once you know your deadlines and your priorities, set aside some time during the unit to work on each task.

Here are some guidelines to keep in mind as you build your weekly schedule.

Want to see an example of setting up a scheduled Study Plan based on deadlines and priorities?